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  1. FBP_Promotions

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    Nov 24, 2015
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    For unlimited period of time SuperForex’ new members can benefit from our No Deposit Bonus of up to $100 just by opening a real trading account. As its name suggests – no initial deposit is required in order to get the bonus.

    To obtain the No Deposit Bonus customers need to register a live trading account with us and verify it. After verification they need to submit the “Get the No Deposit Bonus” button from the Clients Cabinet.

    Note: Every customer may receive the No Deposit Bonus only once.

    To benefit from the offer, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Register a real trading account
    You can register a real trading account by clicking the "Open Real Account" button on the main page or by following this link. You can open an account in any currency (USD, EUR, RUB) to receive the bonus.
    Step 2. Account verification
    The account verification procedure is fast and simple. You need is to upload a scanned copy of your passport or other identity document that can prove your identity from the Client Summary section of Clients Cabinet. We will notify you within 48 hours if your account has been verified. The following information should be verified: full name, e-mail and physical address.
    Step 3. Apply for the No Deposit Bonus
    After verifying your account, please choose the “Bonuses” tab on the left hand-side menu in the Clients Cabinet and select the No Deposit Bonus. At the bottom of the page click the “Get the No Deposit Bonus” button.
    Step 4. Get the No Deposit Bonus to your trading account
    The No Deposit bonus will be automatically credited to your verified account.
  2. zee

    zee Guest

    I have created and fully verified account but no deposit bonus is not available there is a cross on no deposit bonus
  3. Nenrot

    Nenrot Guest

    Got the same program.............there a cross on the NO DEPOSIT BONUS......meaning that one can not click and get the bonus! There is something wrong somewhere???????????
  4. deepgro

    deepgro Guest

    Same Here You are right see their email reply:-

    Support Team
    Feb 29
    to me
    Dear Client,

    To get the NO DEPOSIT BONUS your maximum leverage must be 1:200
    To change the leverage Please provide your email, account number, and the phone code.
    Phone password has been specified in the letter along with your username and password for the account
    Please note that due to some technical issues the No Deposit Bonus is currently disabled. You will not be able to apply for it at this time; if you had already applied for it before this message and your requests show up as pending, it would stay this way until the issue is resolved.

    This situation is temporary and we hope that the No Deposit Bonus will be back soon. We expect the problem to be sorted out in the coming weeks, or until the end of March at the latest. Stay tuned for more updated on this issue.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Sincerely yours,
    Customer Relationship Department
    SuperForex Broker
    Best NewComer Forex Broker 2015
  5. GOSHI

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    I guess they might be upgrading in the background but bonuses comes up with certain terms and conditions and they can only be availed if their proper terms and conditions are known.
  6. Paek

    Paek New Member Trader

    Apr 28, 2016
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    He still enjoyed this action? I am not saying that the action is bad, a person I know and even participated in better stocks. For example from the company freshforex also No deposit share, but give $ 1,000
  7. Erop

    Erop Guest

    Seems it's a New broker. That's why they need to attract many customers. For this they're offering high bonuses and good conditions. I got + 120 usd to my replenishment and can trade more than I would afford to me and get more profit
  8. Tomas

    Tomas Guest

    In the beginning I liked to work with this broker. but then I dissapointed a bit because sometimes they have some technical difficulties and withdrawal of money is not so fast as I wanted.
  9. KittyCat

    KittyCat New Member Trader

    Sep 14, 2016
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    It seems they changed the rules, cuz i've got only 25 dollars and on their site i've seen the info about only $25 no deposit bonus to withdraw. But anyway i've recieved it
  10. Ragnar

    Ragnar New Member Trader

    Sep 26, 2016
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    I can't say nothing bad about this broker. There are many good bonus programs. I started getting "No deposit bonus". After its cancelling I got another types of bonuses and trade successfully with them. For example, yesterday I successfully withdrew my profit. It works.
  11. Elmlock

    Elmlock New Member Trader

    Sep 27, 2016
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    I've got and succesfully withdraw their no deposit bonus, but now it's only 25$ :c
  12. Locky

    Locky New Member Trader

    Sep 29, 2016
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    Really. they don't produce 100$ no deposit bonus no more, but even 25$ are good, when you really can use it.
  13. merc

    merc New Member Trader

    Oct 3, 2016
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    Good broker
    Trading with them for a long time, started from this bonus. The hardest step for me - was verification, but after that - no problems even with money withdraw system
  14. Reminder

    Reminder New Member Trader

    Oct 4, 2016
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    I have good experience with that. Chose this broker because here I found necessary trading tools. Actually I prefer to trade with metals and CFD. Here you can find anything. Withdrawal was processed with delay few times, but finally I've got my money with profit.
  15. Riccoli

    Riccoli Guest

    Normal broker,
    Started to trade with them a year ago. normal broker, i've got no deposit bonus and then started to use 120% hot bonus. Now i can make more profit thanks to this. Recomended
  16. Lina

    Lina Guest

    I can’t compare with other brokers. I just don’t need it to try to trade with others because Superforex gets me all possibilities to trade and take profit without any problems. There are many different trade tools and I can choose the best tool with which I can get more. And also bonuses increasing volume of my trades.
  17. Amjad

    Amjad Guest

    The most big advantage of this broker is their bonus programs.

    I got No deposit bonus and they even let me to withdraw profit with some delay though Nevertheless I got that money. Their MT4 works ok. So I decided to trade with this broker
  18. Indie

    Indie Guest

    Hi all,
    trading with this broker for a long time, no problems. They have a little bit slow support and withdraw system, but as for me it's not a problem
  19. yang leen

    yang leen Guest

    They don't have mobile app. That's a big disadvantage for me. But their bonus programs are great. So I trade with this broker sometimes. I only hope they will do their mobile app because it's not convenient to trade without it.
  20. Chang Weng

    Chang Weng Guest

    I Trade with this broker since 2015. There happens some technical problems sometimes. Once they delayed my payment and I had to write to support to get it. Despite they have good support I lost time waiting for my money but finally this problem was solved.

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