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    Have you been a client of AAATrade? If yes, we need an honest review from you to help others making the decision whether it is safe to join AAATrade. Please mention the following things in your review:

    1) Cost of services (spreads markup and commissions)

    2) Trade execution and overall experience about the broker’s trading platform

    3) Deposit and withdrawal operations

    4) Quality of support services

    5) Your final thoughts about the broker

    We hope your review will help us understand the quality of services provided by AAATrade.

    Our Recommended Managed Account Service:

    WARNING: Due to our advanced IP detection and machine analysis tools, we can easily detect fake reviews. If you are found posting a fake review then you will be banned straight away.
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  2. HI I am there client. They are good. I visited their offices. I trade with them for 7 months, I like their analyses and signals. Also they have very good execution. shame they don't offer portfolio management for small amounts.
    on the other hand their withdrawal can take 2 to 5 days so if you need the money urgently you need to wait. but they dont charge commissions or fees.
    my account manager there is Fatima Droushiotis. she is helpful.
    I hope this helps
  3. Hey

    I trade with them for just over a month now and so far had no problems. My account manager Christina forwards me a Technical Analysis when I trade which is quite useful. Regarding the above comment by Marianna, their withdrawal times are not a problem for me, I only just tried the withdrawal procedure and it worked smooth.

    The future will tell and I will make sure to be back here to mention if a run into some problems, but it’s looking quite straight forward and positive so far.
  4. Bojan Kanner

    Bojan Kanner Guest

    Good company and good account managers. I have no issues with withdrawals and everything works very transparently. I suggest you apply for a withdrawal a week before you need the funds so that you receive them on time. One thing i noticed is that they provide liquidity during live events which is unique. Experience in trading with them : just about 4 months.
    5 Star.
  5. Mark D

    Mark D Guest

    Honest Broker.
    They provide good liquidity and don't have any withdrawal fees. First withdrawal took 5 days until i received it on my account, but the second time it took just 2 days.
  6. Demitris

    Demitris Guest

    I like that they provide liquidity during live events. If you need money fast, the withdrawal takes a long time , over 4 days for me... but your money is received 100%. I trade with other companies as well, but AAA Trade i prefer because they have been very clear with me since the 1st day.
  7. Daniel Borg

    Daniel Borg Guest

    This broker is easy to work with and they provide good education to traders. I trade only on the demo and they still help me with their account managers to explain how everything works. I receive technical analysis daily from the analyst. Good !!
  8. Muhammed

    Muhammed Guest

    Good spread. Fast withdrawals as i only waited for 3 days to receive mine. Trading for 3 months now and I'm happy with everything.
  9. Alex R.

    Alex R. Guest

    Good Broker, no support in Turkish they must improve it.
    Good respond time and withdrawal in 2 days, i like it.
  10. Great support for new traders they have great course they make of how to use the MT4, very helpful!!
    I just hope they will continue like this because as a beginner it was really good experience.
  11. OK Broker

    OK Broker Guest

    Theres nothing special to say about them. They are a normal broker that delivers what everyone else should. Good trading conditions, simple enough withdrawals and no hassle with account managers etc..

    If you know what you are doing and just need an MT4 platform then AAATrade is a good solution for you.
  12. Verna Stokes

    Verna Stokes Guest

    4/5 Also.

    The broker is good and easy to work with. In other reviews i saw that they are not that easy to reach, personally i think its a good thing. Because this also means they don't annoy you with constant sales calls.
    Trading with AAA problem-free.
  13. Lillian Reed

    Lillian Reed Guest

    Deposited 2000 Euros with them to try them out and see if they are everything the sales agent told me they are. On my 1st month they were very helpful, offered education and market analysis almost daily. Since I traded before I didn't require any assistance on their behalf which they understood and actually stopped calling me. 2nd month i tested the withdrawal system to see how long it took. Well, 4-5 days. Whether that's good or bad is a matter of opinion and preference. For me 4-5 days is an acceptable bank wire withdrawal.

    Only good things to say so far.
  14. Ashay

    Ashay Guest

    The advertising offering an income caught my eye. I decided to learn how to trade. I addressed to AAA Trade. They have an excellent training program and its one on one. There are deposit bonuses for new clients which helps. I have been able to earn. Now I am trading with signals, I cannot do it by myself but am getting there with their help.
  15. Rumen

    Rumen Guest

    It’s a decent company. I have been trading with AAA Trade for a year and a half. I have no complaints. They provide good conditions and help beginners to learn. I have not learned from them, since I have some experience. But I watched their training programs. Well done!
  16. Simona

    Simona Guest

    I like to trade through EQMarkets for many reasons. The main reason is that they have a European broker license. I have heard how well eurozone regulators monitor brokers, so I have no worries about my money. It’s good that deals are automatically directed to the market at the best price as well. And they have so-called NDD. Or is it ECN? Iconfusethem.
  17. Solid company with professional customer approach. I have invested beginning of August and made small profit last month. I wanted to try out the withdrawal procedure and asked for the whole amount. I waited for 5 working days and got my money. Pretty satisfied.
  18. Anna Moldiva

    Anna Moldiva Guest

    Because i am beginner and new in this field and i really want to learn i am using AAATrade automatic trading system, the signals and the system does all work for you. The company have a good reputation and i can trust them, i have trading with them lat 4 months.
  19. AAAtrade have for sure really powerful tools and analyses I can confidently say that they are expert in the investment field.It s the first time when i actually feel that the company cares about my funds and about the investment decisions what i have made. Good job!
  20. AAATrade fees and the commission structure are simple and this trading company provides a number of different investment vehicles.Good environment, simple platform and fast support.

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