AGEA Offers Monthly Forex Tournament

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    AGEA Masters - Monthly Tournament

    Master of the Month

    Description: The AGEA Masters tournament is an opportunity for you to earn money without even needing to trade one cent!

    Prize: $100

    How to participate? All you need to do is start trading on your Streamster Virtual Desk and if you make the highest profit in the month, compared to other Streamster Virtual traders, you will be awarded $100!

    Eligibility: Everyone who is a client is automatically entered into the competition so all you need to do is get trading through your Streamster virtual desk! You can trade on whichever instruments you want and use whatever methods you believe will be effective.

    If you think you are a top trader then why not earn yourself an extra $100, and if you are still learning what better way to practice and improve your skills than on the virtual desk with the chance of being awarded $100!

    The clients who make the top 20 highest profits in the month will be recognized on the website, with the number one position being recognized and awarded.

    The winner of the competition will have $100 transferred into their Agea account in the first week of the following month (i.e. if you win the April competition, you will receive your award in the first week of May), which you can use to trade live on your Streamster or MT4 platform, which may then lead to further profits (after all you are obviously a successful trader!) or you can withdraw it from your account and use it as you wish)

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