AGEA offers Welcome Deposit Bonus 30% of Each Deposit

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    AGEA offers Welcome Deposit Bonus 30% of Each Deposit

    Description: Welcome Deposit Bonus is available for new clients for every deposit made within 10 business days after account opening date. When you make deposit, please send an email to or contact us on our support channel in order to claim your bonus.

    Promotion valid till: all year 2015

    Available to: New clients


    · You must claim your Welcome Deposit Bonus within the first 5 business days from the date of each deposit date.

    · Bonus is valid for 6 months since the bonus is credited to your account, when bonus is expired, AGEA will remove the bonus from your account.


    · When you request any withdrawals including withdrawing your own money, you need to provide us with one of MT4 Cent or Standard accounts (STP account is excluded) or Streamster account for checking if you meet bonus withdrawal requirement.

    · Bonus can be withdrawn when you meet the trading requirements.

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