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Alenti Capital Forex Broker Reviews |

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers Reviews' started by FBP Review Moderation Wing, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. FBP Review Moderation Wing

    FBP Review Moderation Wing Forum Moderator Trader

    Oct 11, 2015
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    Have you been a client of Alenti Capital? If yes, we need an honest review from you to help others making the decision whether it is safe to join Alenti Capital. Please mention the following things in your review:

    1) Cost of services (spreads markup and commissions)

    2) Trade execution and overall experience about the broker’s trading platform

    3) Deposit and withdrawal operations

    4) Quality of support services

    5) Your final thoughts about the broker

    We hope your review will help us understand the quality of services provided by Alenti Capital.

    Broker’s Website:

    WARNING: Due to our advanced IP detection and machine analysis tools, we can easily detect fake reviews. If you arefound posting a fake review then you will be banned straight away.
  2. Callie

    Callie New Member Trader

    Oct 29, 2015
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    I am planning to try this broker with a $5000 deposit but feeling a bit concerned as they seem to be very new. They dont even have any reviews by other clients. Is there anyone who has traded with this broker?
  3. Still

    Still Guest

    Well, I have not startedtrading with them but I've already created demo and live account. So I will began trading soon. I'm not sure if this helps, just thought I should say it.
  4. Muhammad321

    Muhammad321 Forum Member

    Sep 9, 2015
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    In first look, they seem like a real ECN brokerage (unlike many others) reasons :

    No A B C D account types, just one account with reasonable markup (which is important to make a broker profitable) scam brokers usually offer insane low spreads with zero commission because they wanna make money by blowing up your accounts

    Also reasonable leverage of up to 200:1....not insane leverage of up to thousands

    No bonuses or shit like that

    Reasonable stop out and margin call levels, to save brokerage from losses on LPs

    So I would definitely give them a try....and will report here if I see something suspicious
  5. KWMayc

    KWMayc Guest

    Hi ,
    Just wondering if anyone has tried Alenti yet and any feedback?

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