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    Have you been a premium member of BecomeABettertrader? If yes, we need an honest review from you to help others making the decision whether it is worth subscribing for the BecomeABettertrader financial trading course. Please mention the following things in your review:

    1) Quality and Value of the Premium Course

    2) Quality of support services

    3) Your final thoughts about the course

    We hope your review will help us understand the quality of BecomeABettertrader course.


    WARNING: Due to our advanced IP detection and machine analysis tools, we can easily detect fake reviews. If you are found posting a fake review then you will be banned straight away.
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    Rob starts with a futures contract or two. Then scales in massively as the trade goes against him. Then he'll exit the position when he gets a tick or two in the green. This means Rob makes small amounts before eventually blowing up and giving it all back and more. Fortunately for Rob his subscribers keep him solvent.

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