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    Profitunity Home Study Courses

    The Profitunity Home Study Program provides a comprehensive study course created to assist you to successfully trade stocks, bonds, futures, and Forex markets in the current markets.
    The Profitunity trading course includes the basic trading methology currently being used by Bill Williams, which includes lessons on mastering the Alligator trading indicator, implementing trading Fractals, the Super AO, and the Bullish and Bearish Divergent Bars.

    The Profitunity course is filled with well-researched, stimulating study material and our time-refined trading methodology, that will quickly get you on your path to trading success.

    All versions of the Home Study Course include Profitunity Videos and Wiseman Indicators.

    Our combination of Study Manuals, Daily DVD video instruction, Tip Sheets, Trading Partners, Trading Glossary, and Profitunity’s psychological training tools, gives you a multi-dimensional educational experience that also allows you to work at your own pace.

    Profitunity Home Study Course Online Version

    The Profitunity Home Study Online version includes all of the elements of the printed version of our Home Study course with the exception that certain elements of the course will come to you in electronic format and are listed below.

    This version includes the Wiseman Indicators for our partner platforms, the Profitunity Video Lessons on DVD, Digital PDF versions of the Video Study Guide and Tutorial Manual, the Autogenic Training Mp3s, Wiseman Traders Tip Sheets, Trading Pads

    Our combination of Study Manuals, Daily DVD video instruction, Tip Sheets, Trading Partners, and proprietary psychological training tools, gives you a multidimensional educational experience.
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