Cameron says Brexit not the ‘right answer’ and infuriates eurosceptics

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    FXStreet (Mumbai) - British Prime PM Cameron with respect to the UK-EU referendum said that he did not think "quitting was the right answer". At the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Cameron said that remaining in the union is the correct solution for UK. “My goal is renegotiation, referendum, secure Britain’s place in a reformed European Union.”, he added. His comments infuriated the Conservative eurosceptics. He however said that if the UK voters chose to leave the European Union, the government would "do everything necessary to make it work". He hopes to hold the referendum in the summer of 2016. Cameron reiterated that he will remain prime minister irrespective of the result of the referendum.

    Cameron had said last week that he will campaign to stay in a “reformed” European Union. Whether a deal on Britain's renegotiation of its ties with Brussels can be reached next month is yet to be seen. It must be remembered here that there are disagreements with respect to Cameron's demands to limit benefit payments only to EU migrants. Cameron has however expressed hope that he will be able to negotiate the reforms he wants to achieve. "I'm hopeful of a deal in February and if we do that we can go ahead and hold the referendum," Mr Cameron said. He however stated that he might recommend public to vote to leave EU if he cannot get a package of changes with respect to UK’s membership. He also said that the referendum will be further delayed if he fails to conclude a deal at February's European Council meeting.

    There are complaints that Downing Street is not allowing eurosceptic ministers to speak openly in order to avoid a Brexit; while on the other hand pro-European ministers are being encouraged to put forth their rationale as to why Britain should stay in the EU. Right-wing Tories argued that there is a constant attempt to rig the referendum vote by forcing eurosceptics to keep mum. Downing Street sources denied any such allegation.

    Last week Cameron had decided to allow his ministers to campaign either for or against Britain's membership in the EU at a planned referendum. It was an attempt on Cameron’s part to avoid a split in his cabinet. The move marked significant concession to Eurosceptics. However, some sceptics feel fear that this freedom given to speak when the actual referendum begins is a strategy deployed to keep them silent now. This, the sceptics believe will help to strengthen the ground for an ‘in’ vote.

    “It really is no surprise that Cameron has set his face against leaving the EU, and by doing so is betraying the British people, because in his ‘renegotiations’ he has asked for little and is unlikely to get even that, Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall claimed.
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