Cameron to MPs: “ignore the views of members of the Conservative Party”

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    An open letter published in the The Telegraph newspaper accuses PM Cameron of dismissing the views of those people who had helped him secure election victory. The PM, the open letter pointed out is not adhering to people’s opinion on Brexit. Critics are upset with him for accepting what they call a “watered-down” deal handed over to UK by the EU last Tuesday. Ahead of the EU meeting this month there is growing debate in Britain as to whether UK’s people showed join the in or the out campaign.

    Cameron has promised to hold a referendum to decide whether or not Britain should continue to stay in the EU by the end of 2017. However, now it is currently being believed that the referendum will be held by the end of June 2016. Cameron is hoping to secure agreement to his proposals on his reform at the EU leaders’ summit on 18th February.

    The open letter also pointed out that the PM’s goodwill has been undermined after he urged MPs to ‘ignore the views of members of the Conservative Party and its associations’. It is felt by certain segments that PM chose to disregard views of the very people who put in all the hard work to ensure that Cameron would secure a Conservative majority.

    Conservative Party members had in 2015 campaigned for a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. They had treated last years’s general election an opportunity to attain democratic vote for the British public on Brexit. Camron thus has been urged to honour the Conservative Party members’ demand to have a balanced debate on the issue. He and his colleagues have also been urged to hear out the views of the grassroot Conservative members.

    Camron has been campaigning for UK to stay in the EU. He has expressed his confidence in a reformed EU and also feels that he will be able to get a good deal for UK from Brussels. David Cameron will likely warn that migrant camps like the "Jungle" in Calais will surface in south-east England in case of a Brexit. Approximately 5,000 migrants and refugees who are trying to get to UK live at the "Jungle" camp in Calais. He will also highlight how Brexit will suspend British border guards’ right to check passports in France,which implies that migrants will not have to face any British border guard till they arrive in Britain. A spokesman for Vote Leave has however countered this agreement saying UK’s 13-year agreement with France had "nothing to do with our EU membership”.
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