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Capital Street FX $100 No Deposit Bonus

Discussion in 'No Deposit Bonus' started by FBP_Promotions, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. FBP_Promotions

    FBP_Promotions Well-Known Member Trader

    Nov 24, 2015
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    Description: The No Deposit Bonus can be used to trade in the markets, as in any other account and generate eal and "available to withdraw" profits.

    Bonus amount: $100

    Link to claim bonus: http://capitalstreetfx.com/100-no-deposit-bonus/

    How to get bonus?

    Here's how you can receive your $100 No Deposit Bonus:

    • Complete our online registration form in order to open a live account with CSFX.
    • Plus, provide all the required documentation to activate your account.
    • After completing both the above mentioned requirements, $100 will be automatically added to your account.

    You can withdraw a maximum $200 profit generated from the No Deposit Bonus (NDB). The profit could only be withdrawable after completing the 30-day period. The NDB will expire after 30 days. All positions need to be closed before requesting a withdrawal.

    The following terms have to be fulfilled before requesting a withdrawal:

    1) 20 standard lots must be traded within 30 days
    2) Only profits can be withdrawn
    3) Scalping, Hedging and Arbitrage are strictly prohibited

    The leverage they offer is 500:1.

    Promotion Valid Till: Till Cancellation notice.

    * FX Binary Point confirmed these terms through CSFX LiveChat
  2. intanfx

    intanfx New Member Trader

    Nov 27, 2015
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  3. aandriaan

    aandriaan Guest

    please advise, what is reffering agent ID ? must fill numeric, i have try copy and paste your link but it not works
  4. Sandra S.

    Sandra S. Forum Member

    Sep 1, 2015
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    You can leave the Referring Agent ID blank...it's optional
  5. mambang

    mambang Guest

    Request withdrawal the profit about a month, dishonored by support

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