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    Feb 15, 2016
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    Hey everyone,
    I wanted to check in at least this one final time. Feel kind of obligated now. If you've gone to their site recently, you'll see that the interest rates have changed again, and much of the guaranteed language has been removed. An account manager reached out to me, and has let me know that as I suspected, this is due to SEC regulations about what language they are allowed to use as well as making sure their business model is sustainable for a PPM. I have been assured that my interest (fortunately) will stay the same, and if it changes they'll let me know with 30 days notice. That said, you guys have a much different decision ahead of you. I'm still getting great service and fast payouts, but I also know its a way different offering now for new customers. I likely won't get back on and post, b/c things are so different now. Just wanted to give you one final heads up. Good luck everyone, take care.
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    Those rates are a joke. 1.75% for $1.5 million!
    I get a higher return on my high interest savings account which only requires $5k and the principle is protected.
  3. 1.75% a month, goob. Try reading a little slower next time. If you find that interest at a bank, we'd all love to know.
  4. Insha

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    After lots of research, they don't sound legit to me (I may be wrong)...I believe they would disappear after attracting sizable investment from all over the world.
  5. Shaam

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    Hi Folks:

    My name is Shaam a retired teacher. My wife and self have invested $100 K in this PPM. This is our substantial saving and ill afford to loose it. But bank's 1% interest is too small. We pray our principal is safe.
    When they told us that temporarily they are changing the interest rate from 5 to 2% / Mo and gave us 3 options to select ( Stay put, Buy equity, withdraw giving 30 days notice ) we asked them few questions. The Q & A are below

    After reading this what is your best opinion ?

    Love to hear


    Help Desk (Cindium Smart )<>

    6:44 PM (4 hours ago)

    April 3, 16

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Your request (2032) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

    Help Desk(Cindium)

    Apr 3, 3:44 PM

    Dear Shaam,

    Thank you for your prompt response. Please find the answers to your questions below in BOLD:

    1. How big is the Company, number of Employees, total revenue, and net profits?

    Our company is fairly sized with experts retained in each department carefully monitoring the activity of the Cindium community and its clients. We have at any given time 11-200 employees retained experts that we diversify. Revenues amongst our affiliates are approximate 6B, with net profits of 300M - 1.25B.

    2. Since how many years the Company exists

    We have been around since 2005. We are the most successful and longest standing private investment platform in today's market. We have maintained consistent returns.

    3. Registration with SEC or any such organizations

    Our registration with the SEC is exempt under Reg D. Our filing process is minimal. We are a private placement within the entirety to propose and solicit investors among the capacity of our offering. You can read more about how a PPM Works by clicking HERE

    4. When you say " Improvements " and compliance with regulation agencies doyou mean the Company is going public, and its shares will be listed on any Stock Exchange?

    Yes. And because of its rapid growth in 2015. However, we are still classified as a private placement under the exemption Reg. D. You can read more about how the private placement works by visiting this link: PPM Offering

    The only difference is, when you joined, you were grandfathered in because you joined as secured lender. So you will always have principal protection with no risk of loss. Even as an equity position, you are not exposed to any risk. An existing client such as yourself in the Cindium community receives the same advantage of benefits which is why we encourage you to remain in your position. Cindium's position is only getting stronger.

    We hope that answers your questions in satisfactory. Please remember, we are not your traditional investment opportunity. Cindium is private placement investment platform. This platform is tough to enter. We get thousands of potential investors a day applying to join the Cindium platform. However, we are very selective of the investors we approve. Once our offering sells out, it is not sure that Cindium will launch a new offering. So whoever is in, will stay in for the life of the company. This is one of the main advantages of being a Cindium client. The other advantages, of course, is high ROI. This is what we specialize in; this is our main goal so it's a matter of time before the platform can reach interest rates up to 20% a month. It's possible, and it has been done before. These are immense numbers in acquired ROI. The only investment platforms capable of reaching these returns are private placements such as ours. There are very few of them. We the first ones to bring a presence online and cater to the masses globally with principal protection primarily providing the investor "mitigated risk".


    We look forward to hearing from you. We value and appreciate your business.


    Michael Kagan - Executive Manager
    Tori Barns - Cindium Client Relations Team Superior

    CNDM - NA30368 [Secured Message]
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    $100K? Be careful man...I would suggest you to diversify your investment. There are lots of investment firms offering good may put 10K in may be 10 companies, that would diversify your all 10 companies cannot go bankrupt etc.
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    I was interested but after read through the thread , I do not have confident in it. Please do more research and ask around before put your money in any company :)
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  9. Hi Guys:

    Last month I wrote about my dealings with Cindium. Also I included my questions to Cindium and their answers.

    However, my wife was not satisfied. She wants her 50% back. On May 3rd, I wrote Cindiam an e-mail asking to refund 50% of my deposit. For this Mr. Mike Kagan e-mailed me to set a time so that he can talk to me. I did this. However we did not hook up. The following is the copy of my today's e-mail. I HOPE THEY WILL REFUND MY WIFE'S DEPOSIT.

    I will keep you guys posted


    .................................................................................................................................................................................U R G E N T

    Friday, May 6th, 16 7.00 PM ( NY Time )

    Dear Mike:
    I came home today at 5.15 PM ( NY Time ) and was expecting your call after 6.00 PM ( Your time 3.00 PM ). This is according to our earlier communication.

    I waited until 6.45 PM. When I did not hear from you, I called your direct # 917 - 200 1307. I got a message saying no call will be accepted at that time. Then I called 877 - 236 3069. One Ms. Erza answered. She said you were not there. Also she mentioned that you might have called my number at 2.00 PM ( My time 5.00 PM ). If you did, then this is contrary to our earlier understanding.
    Without asking my wife's permission, I sent you her 50% share along with mine. Now she feels that she cannot take any risk with her money. On May 3rd I requested you to send back 50% of our deposit. I also agreed to your stated policy that any withdrawal takes 30 days time.

    Tomorrow we are visiting our grand children in CT. However, you can always send e-mail message.
    Please confirm receiving this e-mail

    Shaam P. Sundhar

  10. Mark Ginsburg

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    May 8, 2016
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    Hi Shaam,

    My name is Mark. I was doing some additional research about Cindium, and I came across your posts. I am an active member with Cindium and current accredited investor. I wanted to share my experience and opinion on Cindium.

    I have been investing with Cindium for a while now and have done extensive diligence on them before entering the platform. I have entered many investment platforms traditionally and non-traditional, some with high-risk and some with mitigated risk. Cindium offers a unique product and from the email thread, you have posted it seems that you are more frustrated with someone not returning your call than the actual service performing.

    I have received my payout on time each month without delay ever since joining as a member. How long have you been a member? Have you always received your payout? Have you received your payout on time each month?

    Do you understand that current improvement Cindium has been undergoing? Are you an accredited investor? Have you been asked to invest more money ever?

    Your message threads with Cindium are secure and private, why are you posting them on a 3rd party website? The reason I ask is that such information being shared should be kept private. Secondly, I do not see any complaints in your email thread but more so a shout of help with a decision you are trying to make with your current investment that you have with Cindium.

    I can assure you that Cindium is a very reputable company, and there seems to be a misunderstand. If you are questioning the integrity of Cindium, you should have done additional research on the company before investing. With all due respect, it looks like you do not have enough experience. This is only my opinion of course. It is actually hard to find legitimate investment platforms in today's financial market due to all the scams etc. I can assure you that your money is safe. I have a way more significant amount invested in Cindium. I believe you actually have an excellent position with Cindium if anything, and I would strongly recommend that you speak with your account representative or financial advisor for more clarity on your account before making assumptions or prayers that you money may not be safe. If I were you, I would remain in your position because you were issued a debt offering with principle protection. This is very hard to find, and you are accumulating an interest rate each month that NO bank or FDIC financial institution would ever offer. Making 2% a month without risk to your principle by far should give you the reason to remain as an investor and be in full confidence, especially if they gave you no reason, such as late or no payouts, etc.

    All of the Cindium reviews are good.

    I would be more than happy to provide you with my email address to have a conversation with you. I am happy to help!

  12. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

  13. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

    That's not at all legit. The game of keeping the investment and sending back interest payments to keep the client/plates spinning is a well tried scam. Let the investment pot get big enough and pop! All the white the client gets interest or a number on screen telling them they have a lot of money. Just be careful Jeremy, they specifically don't want you to take out the investment.
  14. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

    Oh god, your post is. I help. We all acknowledge their interest is great. Stop discussing that. You wisely bank offers an introduction art offer for small amounts and that's annual interest you are looking at!?! The conduit model promises monthly higher interest. Please take the time to work things out first. If you can't get that right you have no chance of gambling in to your money. The rest of us will continue to try and understand is confound are fake or legit.
  15. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

    Couldn't agree more. Also they do t want you talking all your investment out. So kind of reeks of 70's and 80's banking and investment scams
  16. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

    Ha ha Mark you don't sound like a conman confirm rep at all. The guy is frustrated with not getting his money back. If he's been scammed that not his fault. It's called fraud. You and the cindium are clearly working hand in hand. You should be investigated by the federal agencies!?!?
  17. Cindium Fake

    Cindium Fake Guest

    That's the scary part Kaitlin. They need your large deposits to make scams like this work.
    I really hope not too many people have been caught out by them.
  18. Cindium Team

    Cindium Team Guest


    Dear Cindium Fake,

    My name is Michael and I am a consultant for Cindium. The Cindium team has been closely monitoring this forum which we believe has been created falsely to begin with. Cindium has been undergoing several changes since the beginning which we are sure you are not familiar with since obviously you are not a client of Cindium. We do not participate in any forex or binary trading, nor do we participate in any stock market affiliations for investing strategies.

    If you were a client, then you would not be exposing aimless, false, and slandering information as you would have all the accurate information of how the platform actually works. If you were a part of the Cindium community, you would know that each and every one of our clients are happy. Being a client provides you access to all the documents, our online systems, and internal updates that are not exposed to the public.

    Over the course of the life of Cindium, clients have opened and closed their accounts, made deposits and redemptions, made changes and updates without any issues or problems. We actually always encourage clients to make frequent redemptions and deposits as we even advertise the option online as a center focus on the navigation link on our homepage. In fact, the platform offering is only to raise a sizable investment amount with no intention of reaching unreasonable amounts for anyone to make accusations that there is any participation in any type of scam. Here at Cindium, our main goal is to ensure all of our clients are comfortable, happy, and have no concerns regarding their investments. We provide 24/7 online support as well as phone support during business hours and by appointment. We are far from any scams and will ensure that our clients understand that and are comfortable with our process. Since the beginning, we have made several efforts and focused in ensuring that we are in compliance which in fact actual Cindium clients would know what we are referring to as well as worked diligently to bring a platform of this caliber to life in order for clients and Cindium to generate a reasonable amount of profit to help people reach their financial goals. We believe that in retrospect our interest rates are in fact actually very reasonable compared to the banks or other financial institutions who are offering interest rates that are not appealing to actually make a financial different in anyone's life. Cindium actually brings value to the clients' money by offering them interest rates that do make a difference.

    In regards to your slandering comment about Cindium requiring large deposits to make this work, this information is actually false. If you knew or took the time to actually understand Cindium platform or product, you would know that we do not require nor do we ask for large deposits. You can become a Cindium client with as little as a $50 investment.

    As a direct message to you, all Cindium clients, and the entire public, Cindium in fact has NEVER actually requested a specific dollar amount, manipulated, influenced or convinced a client to invest more capital than what they initially wanted to by their own will or felt comfortable with. If clients increased their investment amounts, it was done solely by their own choice and comfort level. We are one thousand percent confident that any Cindium client can attest to this statement. Cindium was created with the interest of the people and bringing an investment platform to life that can actually make a difference in people's lives. A concept with mitigated risk and less restrictions when it comes to liquidating clients' investment. Our primary focus is to establish more so partners rather than "investors". Our approach is definitely unique for someone like yourself to understand since you are so used to the actual banks offering you rates that do not make a difference.

    We are working with the forum organizers and investigating your identity in order to prosecute for false accusations, slander, and providing negative confidence without probable cause (facts or evidence). We strongly recommend that you cease these actions as we do not take false accusations lightly. If you wish to learn more about Cindium products or services, we would love to have the opportunity to explain or clarify what Cindium has to offer.

    Previously, I wrote about Cindium

    Finally it turns out that the Mike and gang are bunch of Criminal bastards and making their living by sucking the blood of retirees like me.

    I invested part of my nest egg $50 K in Jan 16. I did this because they projected that they are doing FOREX business ( International Money transactions ). I am aware many people made big money by using sophisticated Software in this. Also Cindium GUARANTEED MY PRINCIPAL.

    Later on when they told me that they are not doing Forex and reduced their interest payment by more than half, I started getting queasy. About 5 months back I asked my money back. Mike told me that I have to wait standard 30 days for refund. Thirty days passed. Then he tells me 60 days. Sixty days past. Then he guarantees me Dec 1st, 16 payment. This also came and gone. My e-mails are rejected by his server.

    Obviously these criminals must be stopped. A CLASS ACTION SUIT may be appropriate. I am contacting one Mr. Mark Picard who monitors these kind of frauds ( ).

    Unfortunately I am undergoing some medical treatment starting Dec 6th. I may not be functional for a month. But after that I am going to make lot of noise so that this kind of criminal bastards are put in jail and protect other hapless retirees like me to suffer & suffer

    Shaam P. Sundhar
    Princeton, NJ

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