Deck the halls with share options: today is Fat Cat Wednesday | Anne Perkins

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    Yes, it takes FTSE 100 bosses little more than two days to make the average annual salary. Is this fact a spur to action on inequality, or just a statistical stunt?
    Just when it seemed Christmas and New Year really were finally over, it’s time to get the festive wear out one last time, for today is Fat Cat Wednesday. This is not (although Twitter followers might be forgiven for the mistake) a celebration of chubby moggies falling off the sofa. By lunchtime today, a mere two and a half days into the working new year, FTSE 100 bosses will have earned what many of the rest of us earn in a year: £28,200.

    Fat Cat Wednesday is a jolting reminder of the extent of pay inequality in Britain, and pay inequality is the most visible part of an increasingly unequal world. It is a smart and memorable way of illustrating the reality of more complex numbers – like the one that shows the average FTSE 100 chief executive earns 129 times as much as their average employee.

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