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FX option expiries for Thursday's NY cut

Discussion in 'Fundamental Analysis' started by FXStreet_Team, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    FXStreet - FX option expiries for Thursday's NY cut at 1000ET, via DTCC, can be found below.

    - EUR/USD: 1.0700(E1.54bn), 1.0750(E390mn), 1.0800(E888mn), 1.0825(E300mn), 1.0840(E252mn), 1.0850-55(E535mn), 1.0873-75(E1.13bn), 1.0900-05(E342mn), 1.0925-40(E1.2bn), 1.0950-80(E2.33bn), 1.1000(E720mn), 1.1030(E339mn), 1.1100(E423mn), 1.1150-60(E558mn)

    - USD/JPY: 115.00($621mn), 116.00($353mn), 116.85($300mn), 117.00($1.06bn), 117.95-118.00($1.16bn), 118.50($1.82bn), 119.00($627mn), 119.50-55($679mn), 120.00($3.13bn), 120.50($1.58bn), 120.95-121.00($1.3bn), 122.00($1.05bn)

    - GBP/USD: 1.4400(Gbp962mn), 1.4500(Gbp574mn), 1.4600(Gbp222mn), 1.4700(Gbp342mn)

    - EUR/GBP 0.7400(E210mn), 0.7600(E260mn)

    - USD/CHF: 1.0075-80($673mn), 1.0200($375mn)

    - AUD/USD: 0.6800-10(A$1.06bn), 0.6850(A$281mn), 0.6970(A$358mn), 0.7000(A$390mn), 0.7050(A$452mn), 0.7075-80(A$368mn), 0.7100-10(A$578mn), 0.7130(A$1.0bn), 0.7150(A$180mn), 0.7180(A$169mn), 0.7200(A$243mn), 0.7300(A$297mn)

    - NZD/USD: 0.6850(NZ$204mn)

    - USD/CAD: 1.3800($220mn), 1.3900-10($511mn), 1.4000($543mn)
    For more information, read our latest forex news.

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