How to Maximize Forex EA Performance?

Discussion in 'Robot Trading' started by Usman Ahmed, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Let us discuss various tips that may improve the performance of Forex EA;

    Dedicated Machine

    If you are not making use of VPS, then consider a dedicated machine for automated trading with good processing speed.

    No Screen Savers & Power Saving

    Turn off screen savers and power save options through Control Panel.


    Your mt4 software contains two types of data that are historical interbank data and broker’s data. In order to maximize EA performance, we need to load broker’s data into charts so that an EA may place orders, stop loss and take profit levels on the basis of broker’s data, for this purpose you need to follow certain steps as described below:
    • To set the maximum chart data, click ‘Tools’ at the top menu in MT4’s window;
    • Click Options, a window will appear as pictured below;
    • Type 9 in whole ‘Max bars in history’ field and do the same with the ‘Max bars in chart’ too as shown above.
    • Now open a chart of currency pair which you intend to trade with EA, once the chart is opened, change the time frame to 1 minute, Turn the auto scroll off and press and hold the ‘page up’ key to force the chart to load data.
    • Once the data has loaded, change the time scale to 5 minutes and repeat the procedure. You need to do this for all the currency pairs you are aiming to Trade.
    Hopefully now your EA will yield more favorable results due to accurate entry and exit thanks to broker’s data.
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    Nice tips TS. Alternative traders can use VPS and run their EA 24/7. My broker FreshForex has this facility and one can use any other strategy too. EA (Expert Advisor) are automated systems which work off of a set of programmers & user settings. A good broker would double down on the conditions like the one I am using by providing good trading conditions primarily ultra-low spreads and fast executions. MegaRebate 2.0 bonus would pay for each trade up to $20 so very good for EA.

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