How to setup an EA on VPS?

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    If you want your EA to trade 24 hours non-stop, you will need its setup on Virtual Private Server (VPS), here is a quick guide for that purpose.

    • Signup to a forex VPS provider and you will receive an e-mail with username, an IP address, and password.
    • Open the “Remote Desktop Connection” program in windows from Start Menu under Accessories or simply typing Remote Desktop Connection in the start menu search bar, you will get a window as pictured below
    • Enter your IP for you VPS and your username, and then it will prompt you for your password when you press connect.
    • You should now be connected to your VPS, now download Mt4 platform installer from your broker’s website.
    • Once you have installed mt4 on VPS, you will want to get your expert advisor(s) onto the VPS. For this purpose use the local resources tab on the Remote Desktop Connection as shown below.
    • Click the options arrow as pictured below.
    • Then click the more button as shown below:
    • Now you should get this
    • Checkmark the drives you want to share with your VPS and click OK. Now you’re done and can transfer files between your desktop and your forex VPS.
    • Install the expert advisor into your mt4 “Experts” folder just like you would on your computer, and enjoy 24-hour automated trading.

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