Japan in 2014: Godzilla or Godzuki?

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    Littlestone’s Big 4 for ’14 – #3 Japan in 2014: Godzilla or Godzuki? Japan in 2014. Raging monster or insignificant other? A potentially very big year for Japan in 2014. Abe took power, won both houses and got his man in the BOJ. USD/JPY got a pulse but the hard work has only just begun for Abe & Co. The Japanese giant has shown signs of stirring but there’s still a sense that businesses are holding back and are still not overly keen on throwing caution to the wind and going all gung-ho into risk. And you can’t blame them after 20+ years of a stagnating deflating economy. What’s remarkable is that the way the country functions despite the economy being on life support. When following the fortunes of Japan over the last year it was a pretty easy trade. Each event of Abe’s rise to power was pretty much telegraphed as a done deal so getting in early and riding it out was a fantastic trade.

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