Latest polls showed increase in percentage of Britons favouring Brexit

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    FXStreet (Mumbai) - The Survation poll for the centre-right Mail on Sunday newspaper showed 53% of Britons are in favour of Brexit while 47 per cent chose to stay in the European Union. When the Conservative Party came to power post the May 2015 general election, David Cameron reiterated his Party's commitment to hold an "In-Out" referendum on UK membership of the European Union by the end of 2017. He however stressed that he would try and negotiate a new settlement for Britain in the EU. The latest polls highlight a marked shift in people’s perspective on Brexit. More and more people have come to favour Brexit in the wake of the Paris attack, Cologne assaults and the overall on going migrant crisis.

    Ahead of the referendum this poll showed the strengthening of the ‘out’ campaign. The out vote got a six per cent lead at the polls, marking a sharp turn from the results of the same polls held in May last year. This lead will jump to 8 per cent if Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London agrees to join the campaign to quit the EU. A survey by the same pollsters held in May 2014 had showed 54% of Britons in favour of remaining in the EU and 46% favouring an exit. Public perception has swung has swung 7 per cent in favour of leaving the EU.

    The results rendered quite a blow to PM David Cameron, who has been campaigning in favour of an ‘in’ vote. He has been trying hard to convince the voters that he will succeed in getting Brussels agree to the reforms he has been demanding. British Prime PM Cameron with respect to the UK-EU referendum said that he did not think "quitting was the right answer". Cameron had said last week that he will campaign to stay in a “reformed” European Union. It must however be remembered here that there are disagreements with respect to Cameron's demands to limit benefit payments only to EU migrants. Cameron has however expressed hope that he will be able to negotiate the reforms he wants to achieve. "I'm hopeful of a deal in February and if we do that we can go ahead and hold the referendum," Mr Cameron said.
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