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Nerds and bank lock-ins: things I’ll miss about the numbers game

Discussion in 'Market News' started by Lily, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Our outgoing economics editor on what she will regret not having to deal with in the world of politics
    As I depart this pleasant berth to cover politics for the Guardian, after almost 15 years writing about the twists and turns of the global economy, there are plenty of things I will leave behind lightly – not least a dusty pile of unread books – but, if you will excuse the self-indulgence, dear readers, here are a few things I’m missing already:

    Call them what you like: wonks, number-crunchers, analysts, every field has its experts; but economists are in a class of their own. With their baffled insouciance about anyone who fails to share their interpretation of the facts – and on occasion, blind fury about the stubborn irrationality of politicians, regulators, and most of all their rival economists, they are an extraordinary tribe.

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