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    We got an email from Mr. Reza Mokhtarian's lawyer with reference to the MentorTips Reviews Thread. We would like to publicly respond to the email as it's not our policy to negotiate with the companies through back-door channels regarding content of reviews.

    We would like to inform you that the reviews were posted by individuals who have been associated with Mr. Reza Mokhtarian or his company(s) in any capacity in the past. A couple of reviews were suspicious, so we did contact the individuals who posted reviews and after seeing evidence of their business with Mr. Reza we proceeded with the approval of those reviews.

    We do respect the laws of Canada but we would like to inform you that neither the management of FX Binary Point nor the web hosts and ISPs have any any links to Canada.

    Negative online reviews (as far as they are genuine) are perfectly legal (See this)

    We regret to inform you that we cannot remove any review from our website. You are welcome to proceed with any legal action against us or whatever you like.

    Warm Regards
    FX Binary Point

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