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    Hi everyone

    The Pristine Method® is a time tested technical system pioneered by Pristine founder Greg
    Capra. This dynamic trading methodology arms traders with a series of indicators which
    include volume, moving average combinations, price support, resistance, and many more.
    The goal of this system is to signal very targeted chart patterns that pinpoint when a shift is taking place in the market. This methodology is designed specifically to increase the probability of profits in your account.

    Now, in an unprecedented collaboration, Traders’ Library and Pristine have combined their experience to create seven hour plus seminars that thoroughly describe key elements of The Pristine Method®.

    Pristine – Greg Capra – Intra-Day Trading with Market Internals I & II

    Intra-day trading is more popular than ever and the market internals tools available to
    online traders through most trading software are powerful; however most have no idea how to use them. Intra-Day Trading with Market Internals is a home study course that all day traders cannot be without. In this course, you will learn to use and interpret all of the internal gauges necessary to successfully determine the current market environment bias and how this affects your trades.

    Most traders’ biases reflect their hopes and wishes for price direction – a common reason
    for failure. This home study course will show you how to determine what sectors to focus on to find the stocks that are being accumulated that day. You will learn to use this information for Relative Strength and Weakness Analysis to zero in on the best stocks to trade. Of course, this does not occur throughout the trading day without pause, so it is essential to know what times of day the reversals are most likely to occur, based on priori history. All this, and more, is covered in this Home Study course.

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