Risks are manageable, look for opportunities - Goldman Sachs

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    What's next from Goldman Sachs, via eFX Risk-off/growth-off dynamics continue to dictate market price action thus far in 2016, with fears seemingly centered on a slowing China (December data continues to point to an ongoing deterioration in growth there), the potential for further and more dramatic CNY weakness, and the widening implications of falling oil prices, with front month crude oil trading below $30/bbl for the first time since the Great Financial Crisis. Typical "risk off" correlations have re-emerged: equities have declined, bonds have rallied and the dollar has strengthened. The S&P 500 is down 8.4% YTD, both long- and short-dated US Treasury yields are now back below pre-December-rate-hike levels with the market-assigned probability of a March hike hovering around 30%, and the trade-weighted USD has strengthened alongside (and not against) other defensive DM currencies like the JPY and EUR despite divergent monetary policy paths, with the CNY losing ground.

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