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    Have you been a client of Saxon Capital Group? If yes, we need an honest review from you to help others making the decision whether it is safe to join Saxon Capital Group.Please mention the following things in your review:

    1) Cost of services (spreads markup and commissions)

    2) Trade execution and overall experience about the broker’s trading platform

    3) Deposit and withdrawal operations

    4) Quality of support services

    5) Your final thoughts about the broker

    We hope your review will help us understand the quality of services provided by
    Saxon Capital Group.

    Broker’s Website:

    WARNING: Due to our advanced IP detection and machine analysis tools, we can easily detect fake reviews. If you are found posting a fake review then you will be banned straight away.
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    I doubt this is a credible company that runs with integrity. There have been many scam reports about this company and in fact, their stakeholders have run away with clients' monies.
    1. Can you access their website? No
    2. Do any of their boards of directors have any professional or social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook)? No
    3. Does the company actually exist? Maybe it did to create a convincing strategic profile to attract their prey to collectively "invest" their money until it hit a certain threshold then POOF!!!
    4. any SCGX share recent activity? No
    5. They self claimed that they had a ASIC licence? Do you know how easy it is to register a business and acquire an ABN without the need to provide financial reports? I bet half of all registered ABNs may not have necessarily generated any revenues in the past.
    6. A bunch of well paid greedy actors with no integrity, scam and spend people's hard earned lifetime savings away??
    I hope these bunches of scammers die and rot in hell, along with their families and generations down in their family tree.

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