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    Hi everyone!
    Currently, I have a course hot and useful for a lot of traders in the field of forex trading.
    I would like to share it with others in the hope it would be helpful to those who are on the road looking for this course.

    This is all information about it:
    The XLT – Stock Trading course blends two types of sessions in a very structured environment. Lesson sessions make up approximately 40% of the course curriculum.
    Each lesson focuses on teaching a specific concept that continues your trading education.

    Trading and Analysis sessions make up the remaining 60% of the course curriculum and apply the knowledge you have gained in live market conditions. Trading and Analysis sessions are conducted during active market hours with the purpose of identifying real trading opportunities using a very objective rule-based strategy.
    Forty-two sessions are delivered over a 12-week period, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours in length. Lesson sessions repeat every 12-weeks, providing solid learning reinforcement. Each Trading and Analysis session is unique as the instructor and students, together, proactively and dynamically respond to live-market conditions.

    The following detailed outline contains the topics and subtopics covered in the XLT-Stock Trading course
    Week 1: Supply and Demand
    Week 2: Trend and Time Frames
    Week 3: Odds Enhancers
    Week 4: Risk Management
    Week 5: Gaps
    Week 6: Trade Plan Development Part 1.
    Week 7: Scanning for Opportunities
    Week 8: Candlestick Patterns
    Week 9: Moving Averages
    Week 10: Indicators
    Week 11: Oscillators
    Week 12: Trade Plan Development Part 2
    More info :
    Good luck.

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