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Discussion in 'Financial Trading Courses Reviews' started by FBP Review Moderation Wing, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Have you been a premium member of YourForexMentor? If yes, we need an honest review from you to help others making the decision whether it is worth subscribing for the YourForexMentor financial trading course. Please mention the following things in your review:

    1) Quality and Value of the Premium Course

    2) Quality of support services

    3) Your final thoughts about the course

    We hope your review will help us understand the quality of YourForexMentor course.


    WARNING: Due to our advanced IP detection and machine analysis tools, we can easily detect fake reviews. If you are found posting a fake review then you will be banned straight away.
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    Oct 29, 2015
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    cecil is a con artist I asked for my money back as he claims full refund what a load of BS he has more storys than you can shake a stick at . DO NOT buy anything from him
  3. Susan

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    I signed up for the 30 day trial Dec 31,2015. I cancelled within the 30 day limit. I was charged Jan 30, 2016, for the first of six payments. After a number of emails back and forth I was credited back with the payment and told my account was cancelled. On Feb 29, 2016, my credit card was charged with another payment.
    There was no response to my many emails including one at their website. I phoned the company and a recording said to leave a message but the message system did not work. I filed a claim with mastercard
    in mid March and am awaiting a response. The "" website is down for maintenance on this date being March 30, 2016, and so far today being 9:16am PDT my mastercard has not been charged with another payment nor has a credit for the Feb 29, 2016, charge been put through.

    I hope this gives some helpful information to someone about this company.

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