Zigzag Breaker Binary Trading Strategy

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    What is Zigzag Breaker Binary Trading Strategy?

    In this strategy we identify, using indicators, cases where the previous peak or trough has been broken out, and take advantage of the momentum that is created following the break out. The strategy is useful for one-hour time frame and can be applied on GBP/USD and GBP/JPY currency pairs.


    We use Zigzag and Commodity Channel Index (CCI 5,1,1) indicators in this strategy.

    How to Trade Zigzag Breaker Binary Trading Strategy?

    Enter a High/Above/Call/Up position when the previous zigzag peak is broken out, and, simultaneously, a CCI value of above 100 is received.


    Similarly a Low/Below/Put/Down position is entered when the previous zigzag trough is breached, and, simultaneously, a CCI value of below -100 is received.

    The trades entry rate will be breakout of one pip from the most extreme rate reached within the zigzag.

    Practical Demonstration

    First you need to insert Zigzag indicator onto the chart. You can do so by clicking:

    Insert > Indicators > Custom > Zigzag


    In inputs, you need to select 5, 1, 1 and click ok as demonstrated in the following graphic.


    Then you need to insert CCI indicator by clicking

    Insert > Indicators > Custom > CCI as shown below;


    Now enter 100 and -100 as CCI levels and you are done.


    In the following chart you can see a perfect Low/Below/Put/Down trade setup where previous trough was broken out and CCI value dipped below -100.


    Similarly, in the following chart you can see a perfect High/Above/Call/Up trade setup where previous peak was broken and CCI reading surged above 100.

    This is how you can maximize your profits in binary options trading using zigzag strategy.
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